Week 19
Last God Views Group

Prayer :  Father, I long to love You more and to know Your love for me at a much deeper level.  Open my heart to see what I cannot see at this time.  Remove any veil that separates me from You and the truth of Your love for me.  I give You permission to show what is in me that hinders or opposes love.  Lord, give me the grace to ask You the question, “How do You see me?” and also the grace to receive Your response.  I welcome Your Holy Spirit to “lead me into all truth”—the truth about You and Your truth about me.  In Jesus' Name, Amen

Discussion : Last weeks DVD Graham Cooke “God is the Kindest Person I've Ever Met”

No security in what God is doing – only security is in who God is.

What is it that God wants to be for you right now? That if you were to grasp it. That if you would see the enormity of it. If you were to touch the supremacy of it, it would change your thinking forever.

What is that one thing that God wants to give you? That will make you so powerful in the heart of God. That will make your intimacy so much more profound, that it becomes the place of your absolute confidence in Who God is. And that confidence will never be shaken.

DVD clip : “24 hrs. a Day Live-In Counselor” or “How to Become an Alien” (7 min.)

To use words that Webster would like, to be “alien” is to be different in nature or character—typically to the point of incompatibility. An alien is from another place and owes allegiance to another country or government.

Curt's description of the Holy Spirit as an alien does more than make us cringe. The Spirit of Christ living inside us is alien—different in nature and character from our own fleshly nature. And it is incompatible with our flesh and the desire for self rule. The Holy Spirit is from another place (the kingdom of God) and owes allegiance to that form of government.

The Holy Alien wants to take over our bodies, minds, and spirits. But this will happen only against much opposition from our flesh. Our flesh will fight to its death.

Drawing Exercise : Draw a picture of how you see God right now. Compare to the first drawing

Handout 12A : Questions – How has your view of God changed during these months? Has anyone received help from God in having a “stumbling block” Removed?

Writing Exercise 1 : What do you need and want from God? Write as a prayer to God.

Writing Exercise 2 : What would I like God to be like? How would you like to experience God? A part you would like in your heart not just head?
Read my writing "What I would like God to be Like"

Read “Who Do You Say I Am?” by Jerry Basel

Two of the most important questions in life:
(1) Who Do You Say I Am? – How I see God
(2) Lord, Who Do You Say I Am? – How I think God sees me

Inner Child Work : One thing that may be influencing how we think God sees us is the names we've been called (or names we call ourselves), ways we've been criticized or put down. Ways we've been wounded by words or word curses.

Take a piece of paper and dialogue with the wounded child within. Ask him or her to share with you all of the names you have come to call yourself, or allowed others to call you. Names you may have assumed as your identity – who you were. They may tell you that you have been unworthy, insignificant, unwanted, abandoned, rejected, fearful, shameful, stupid, clumsy, helpless, victim, lonely or unloveable. Whatever the names, let the wounded child within express them all to you with your non-dominant hand.

Take a moment and ask God as your nurturing/protective father to speak to the heart of your precious inner child and tell you what your true names are. As He begins to speak to your heart with whatever impression comes to you, write to that wounded child using your dominant hand and tell your wounded child that you will no longer call them by those old name, nor will you allow others to call you by those name. But you will now call yourself by a new name or names. You will seek out and include people in your life who will call you by those new names. And those new names are … let God write on your heart and on the paper the new names that reflect your true identity, the person He has created you to be. That new name may be strong and courageous, peaceful and serene, loved and appreciated, patient and gentle, confident and daring, creative and resourceful. Whatever names God impresses on your heart, write those down.

Share : Share with the group who you used to be, the old names. Then share with the group your new names, who you are to be now.

Inner Healing Experience :

Close your eyes and allow yourself to relax. Imagine yourself to be in a special safe place with your wounded child. Picture that child who had been hurt by words. Spend a moment to greet them and call them by whatever name that expresses your love and acceptance of them.

Become aware that Jesus is quietly standing there off to the side waiting to see the hurting child. As you walk over to Him know that He is the One who makes all things new. He is the One who changes our names and our natures. As He stands there with the hurting child, He places His hand over the heart of the child. And as He does it is as if His hand becomes an eraser and erases those names from the heart of the child. The names that have shamed and hurt them. After all the names have been erased and wiped clean from your heart, He begins to speak to you. His hand now becomes a pen that writes upon your heart in indelible ink your new names. Names that bring life. Names of blessings. Spend a moment now and allow Christ to erase all of the old names and write those new names upon your heart as He speaks to you.

Play song: “I Will Change Your Name” as they visualize.

Call the child within you by your new names, and tell them that you all looking forward to getting to know them now as a new creation in Christ. And then as you are ready, open your eyes and be back in the room with the group.

Give our Handouts 12C & 12D